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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

80mm inside diameter gladhand air hose

Hose support strap for railway car brake line

20111220-glad hand on the free end of the air hose and the other end could be the clips are made from metal wire having a diameter of 0.120 inches


A grip and fitting assembly for coupling an air hose to a gladhand coupler. The grip being flexible and tapered with a tubular interior through which

Trailer locking device

air to one or more air-operated brakes, said inside said control valve between said inlet and such as the gladhand and kingpin locks, that

Adjustable air brake hose support for railway vehicles

glad-hand, so that the air brake hose assembly is supported at a pre wherein the outer diameter of said loop portion means is larger than the

and a bleed-off valve for attachment to an air brake hose

2008619- This invention relates to a lockable glad hand coupling for safely allowing a pressurized air brake hose of a railway vehicle to be quick

Economy Shut-off Dummy Gladhand

ul liInexpensive way to seal rear gladhands for double trailers/li liprovides air-tight shut-off/li li18 in. cable with ring

Integrated pressure exhaust valve and fluid coupling

moiety on the air pressure hose from the tractordiameter to separately close either the inlet portgladhand connecting the tractor air line to the

Coiled air brake hose assembly

The disclosure is directed to a coiled air brake hose assembly including a coiled hose having a terminal end and defining a lumen. The coiled air brake

Trainline support bracket

200312-hose fittings, hoses and a gladhand coupling, inside said uncoupling mechanism housing; and which is the line through which air is fe

Apparatus for testing vehicle air brakes

A portable, hand held device for testing the air brakes of a tractor trailer type truck. The device is generally comprised of an elongated body having

Gladhand with shutoff cock

A gladhand construction is combined with a shutoff cock and means for mounting the combination to a trailer body. A fitting is positioned within a

Grip and fitting assemblies and kits utilizing the same

The grip is affixed to a fitting attachable to the gladhand coupler on a first threaded end thereof and attachable to the air hose on a second barbed

Air hose coupling device

2007620-air hoses via a standard gladhand fitting, permitting the automatic coupler to be disengaged when a railcar is joined with another car that

Tractor-mounted integrated gladhand and quick-release valve

An integrated gladhand and quick-release valve for tractor-trailer highway vehicles is mounted on the tractor, as opposed to the trailer, so the

Locking system for air brakes of parked trailer

A locking system for trailer air brakes of the type having a supply air line with a gladhand. The locking system comprises a valve connected to the

Phillips Industries Combines Gladhand and Trailer Air Line

Phillips Industries has added two gladhand options to its Air Defense Swinger System designed to keep trailer air line brake systems free of debris

Trailer Air Coupling,coupling Head,gladhands from China

Find complete details about Trailer Air Coupling,coupling Head,gladhands from China Automobile supplier Zhejiang Zhuji Changrong Machinery Co.,Ltd., You may


( 11 ) of a gladhand coupling and to surround a marginal end portion of a hose (H) connected to the coupling portion to allow an operator to more

scott c gladson 2012 - Silo Storage Preconceptual Design

inside pipe diameter of 737 mm (29 in) for air entrainment for freeze-thaw resistance, Then, a hand held monitor could be attached and

rp-3611 RoadPro - Service Gladhand - Blue | Truckers-Store.com


Dilution system for filling spray bottles

Such materials include window cleaners, hand soap, air fresheners, odor counteractants, and other are not less than 5 millimeters inside diameter

Truck cable plug and hose gladhand holder

so that an operator can store in the keepers the hose-end gladhands associated with the tractor without climbing on, leaning over, or stretching across

Glad hand locking device

4747623 Anti-disconnect attachment for air line couplings May, 1988 NewcombA glad hand locking device featuring a mounting bracket mountable atop the

Permanent air locking mechanism

air flow to trailer brakes thereby precluding thepreventing bodily harm to the person inside the glad hand fitting to lock out the air

Brake pipe pneumatic valve

2011419- the diameter of said locating pin being air hose, said second railway vehicle having a the brake pipe glad hand connection on the

Handle assembly for a hose and coupling device and a method

glad hand operatively mounted to a mating air hose and coupling device when said recess receivesdiameter of a hose and at least a portion of

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