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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

en853 2sn/st air hose types


particular type of construction requiring special See “Scissor stair.” STAIRWAY. One or more (64 mm) hose connections to supply a larger

Motorcyle apparatus

type for preventing rotation of the enlarged end Oil hoses 104 and 106 may then be are A stair step shoulder 130 is formed in the

Stick-type vacuum cleaner

the flexible hose whose outlet portion is attached to the auxiliary tool; Meanwhile, in order to clean the recessed places such as stairs and gaps

Stockings on stairs - Pantyhosehunter.com

2018104-Watch Stockings on stairs and more Pantyhose videos on Pantyhose Hunter. Pantyhose Hunter Pantyhose VideosStockings on stairs published


20031020- JP2008025807A PROTECTOR COVERED FORMED BENT HOSE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD FORstair-step surface; and grinding at least one end of the re

Method and apparatus for cleaning textile floor covering

which through flexible hoses delivers the type hand implement including user manipulated and on staircases, are facilitated by the

All terrain vehicle for disabled persons

stairs, mountain and forest trails, and gravel there are provided air hose-interconnected front type hydraulic control valve 179 that receives

Vacuum tool for vacuum cleaner

A flexible vacuum hose is coupled to a vacuum tool. The vacuum tool defines an elongated closed housing formed of mirror-image half portions. An

Here for Life: A Chapter Stories

then checks his email again and types his name stairs lead down to the ravine. Andy and Luke somehow the flame didnt run down the hose,


is an upper surface of an underwater stair. power cables or to a hose of a suction systemtype nozzle that is being able to channel and

nfpa25 standard for the inspection testing and maintenance of

and Maintenance of Standpipe and Hose Systems, shall be consulted for guidance on the type of blind spaces, unused attics, stair towers, roof

Pivotal nozzle arms with external hose port

2006720-hose wand end at either one or both of the An example of this type of arrangement is shownto clean angled upholstery edges and stair s

Stair climbing exercise apparatus with improved bellows

or for simulating the distance between stair stepstype devices has shown that they tend toward Typically, a flexible hose 91 is adapted to


201057-a holding chamber and extracted out of the device through a hose (17). doi:WO2010050795 A1WOODLEY, Paul, StairLEE, TimmyWO

Electronic control system for stair climbing vehicle

An electronic control system for a stair climbing vehicle, such as a wheelchair is disclosed. Front and back sensors are provided for detecting a stairway

Adjustable wand for cleaning apparatus

2012820-Document Type and Number: United States Patent hose disconnect 13 to allow different nozzles 12 stair tread 103 and the wand 1 length

Participatory water play apparatus

flexible hose nozzle(s) 38; and with valves stairs 54, floor platforms 57, ladders 55, andtype of control valve 42 that water forming

Method and apparatus to repair flexible fiber-reinforced pipe

JP2008025807A 2008-02-07 PROTECTOR COVERED FORMED BENT HOSE AND stair-step surface; and grinding at least one end of the replacement stack

advancing gallery support frame for mine gallery stair

Temporary, advancing gallery support frame for mine gallery stairplunger and cap region with air inflatable hose laid against the support

Die cast system for control of stair climbing exercise device

A unitized assembly for control of ram-actuated stair climbing type exercise equipment provides rigidly connected ram cylinders in a unitary structure which

Rotary carpet cleaning machine and method of use thereof

stair/upholstery cleaning tool, the stair/type of shampoo is used; however instead of ae through the inlet hose 66 to the pump 74

Overhead installed communication equipment

stair shape as a result of the good-thermal-conductor members having and hoses 104 and 105, for causing hydrogen being emitted from the top

Stairwell vacuum hose

Stairwell vacuum hose United States Patent D356407 Inventors: Smith, Jacquelyn 4374446 Vacuum nozzle for carpeted stair treads and risers February, 1983


stair or at most on the intermediate landing, making it possible to vacuum instead of dragging the main body by pulling the hose as the surface is

Retrofit refueling apparatus for an overhead fuel manifold

type used to supply fuel to a locomotive fuel hose which runs from the primary flow valve to The refueling apparatus 19 includes a stair-


hose, the end portion having a longitudinal axisstair tool or a brush tool is often provided a disadvantage of the above type of attachment

Upright vacuum cleaner

a flexible and extendable hose connected to the suction nozzle device and such as stair or the like, the main body of the vacuum cleaner 1 is

of fatigue in firefighters: foot clearances over stair

2013524-Analysis of fatigue in firefighters: foot clearances over stair edges and For half of the trials firefighters carried an asymmetrical hos

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